Today is my one year blogiversary – in other words I’ve been blogging for a whole year now. I know I haven’t been particularly consistent but my health always has to remain my first priority. This blog means a lot to me, simply because it is my escape from my daily suffering.  I really appreciate those of you who read Polish and Paws and interact with me here or on Instagram and Facebook, you help me keep this blog going. I know a lot of blogs do giveaways for the anniversary, but I am instead collecting goodies for my May Lyme Awareness Giveaway – yes it’s happening again this year. I hope you will all share it far and wide when it goes live, others need to know about this illness so that they can get a diagnosis early and not suffer as I have. I have a couple of Lyme Disease posts I’ve already started, that I will hopefully have finished by May and I also have a few more dog related posts in the works too. Of course, there will be lots of nails in the mix as well, but I am also interested in hearing what you want to see from the original Polish and Paws blog.

Alinta McMurdo