Month: February 2015

I have been getting a Bellabox monthly for over a year now but haven’t been posting reviews of them. When I first subscribed to Bellabox, I was really pleased with what I got each month. I was being introduced to new brands and products that I liked. I still use a couple of hand and nail products that I first got in boxes from early last year. Unfortunately over the last 6 months or so the standard of each box has gone down. I’ve received doubles and triples of products within the 6 months and one box even had broken glass in it that I still haven’t received an apology for. Bellabox seems to have moved on to large well known brands rather than the smaller brands that I liked finding out about. Please note: This post was written before I became cruelty free and therefore non cruelty free products may be mentioned.

Bellabox Feb 2015 products
This month (February 2015) they have teamed up with three big magazines in what I assume is an attempt for each brand to get more customers. I received the Cosmopolitan branded box. The Cosmo box consisted of this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine, an Essie polish, a Chapstick, an Original Source Shower Gel, a Neutrogena Mousturiser, an Aveeno Mousturiser and a sample of ZK’IN Organics Skincare Regime.The Essie I got is Strut Your Stuff, a bright blue polish. Essie is widely available in Aus from Priceline so it’s certainly not a new brand for me. I find the brand very short wearing and it isn’t cruelty free so it’s not a product I will use.

The Chapstick is the new Papaw version. It has a nice smell and keeps my lips hydrated for a while but this is the third Chapstick I’ve received in a box so it’s not something I want to be receiving from Bellabox again.

The Original Source Shower Gel is the Mint and Tea Tree scent. I like the smell as I’m a Tea Tree lover and it’s a good size for travel but isn’t a product I want to get in a beauty box.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is supposed to be Moisturising for 24 hours but I haven’t found it to be very moisturising at all. The sample tube is very small though so I can’t tell you what the effect is like after a couple of weeks of usage but I won’t be buying it from how it’s performed for me.

The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is a very popular product because it is a good body moisturiser. This is the third one I have received in boxes though. Have Bellabox not received any other samples to send?

Finally, there is a little packet of one use products from the ZK’IN Organics oily and combination skin regime. I was really excited to receive a sample from a certified organic, vegan and cruelty free brand. The packaging of this is lovely but the samples are very small so it’s hard to tell how effective each product is. This sample was classified as an extra in the box but I would love it if Bellabox prioritised these sort of brands and ensured that bigger samples were put in boxes.

I have asked many times for a cruelty free and vegan box after seeing them send some to vegan celebs but alas no reply as usual. I will be looking into ZK’IN products as I love brands with ethics. If you’ve tried any ZK’IN products let me know what they’re like.

I’m unsure if this sort of post is liked or not by my readers so let me know in the comments. I’m obviously disheartened by both the product and customer service that Bellabox is supplying at the moment. Hopefully they read this and decide to change otherwise I probably won’t be a customer much longer.

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