Today I have a review of OPI Glitter Off for you. Glitter Off is a peel off base coat that makes glitter removal a lot easier. I’ve had this post in my drafts for ages so I thought it was time to post seeing as I don’t have time for new posts right now. If you are following me on social media, you will already know that my mum has been sick in hospital so all my energy has gone into looking after her. Hopefully her recovery is all up from here and then I might have some energy to show you new things. Please note: This post was written before I became cruelty free and therefore I mention a non cruelty free product – OPI.
One coat of OPI Glitter Off nearly dry
Powder Perfect Hidden Well over OPI Glitter Off
I am a glitter polish lover for life but I hate the removal process. I usually use the foil method to soak the glitter off but it dehydrates my nails and I often still have glitters that need to be pulled off and therefore damage the nail bed. The solution to this removal process is to use a peel off base coat. OPI Glitter Off is one of many available on the market now. It is very easy to use, you just put one layer on like any other polish and wait for it to completely dry before continuing with your manicure. It takes a few minutes to dry down but not as long as others I have tried. The formula is really good, it goes on like any base coat and doesn’t have a sticky clumpy texture. I would advise wearing your normal base coat over this as Glitter Off doesn’t stop polish from staining your nails.I have tried OPI Glitter Off under lots of different polishes. It is fantastic when I use micro glitter polishes like Powder Perfect Hidden Well, but I have had difficulties when I have wanted to use it with glitter toppers. The Glitter Off seems to create wrinkles under plain creme polishes which I use to layer under glitter toppers. I have tried waiting longer for it to dry and tried different combinations of base coats and polishes but I haven’t had any luck yet. I don’t wear glitter toppers very often any more so it’s not a big deal for me.

OPI Glitter Off removal
OPI Glitter Off removal
Removal is really easy, I just use an orange stick to lift the polish up from the cuticle area. It will often come off in two sections like the pictures show. It doesn’t seem to pull off any of the natural nail with it so my nails are still perfectly healthy after using it. I have to note that OPI is not Cruelty Free at this time, so be aware of that.
I like OPI Glitter Off better than Cherry Poppin Nails Peel Off Base Coat that I’ve reviewed previously. Cherry Poppin Peel Off Base Coat was a lot thicker and after a time became too thick to use. OPI on the other hand is a thinner formula that is much easier to work with. I found that my polish would pop off after one day of wear using Cherry Poppin’s but I can get 4 days wear out of OPI Glitter Off before there is any lifting of the polish. Leaving a gap between the peel off base coat and tip of your nail, as well as coating your tips with top coat will help prolong the life of your mani as well. I would like to try more peel off base coats in future to see how they compare to these two. Do you have a favourite peel off base coat?I bought my OPI Glitter Off from Discount Beauty Boutique who are located in Australia so the shipping is quick.

Alinta McMurdo