Today I have the Mckfresh Nail Attire Planeteers Collection to show you. Captain Planet was one of my favourite shows as a child so I was really looking forward to trying these polishes. 

Mckfresh Planeteers Collection, Earth, Wind, Fire, Heart and Water in the bottle.
Mckfresh Planeteers collection. Water, Earth, Wind, Fire and Heart.
I have the five element shades of Water, Earth, Wind, Fire and Heart. There are a couple of other shades but they didn’t appeal to me. The whole collection is made up of varying sizes of micro glitters, in a similar colour jelly base to the glitter colour. The application was easy despite the large amount of glitter but I needed three coats for full opacity. I didn’t want to go through the glitter removal process so I used OPI Glitter Off and OPI Sensitive and Peeling underneath the glitters. This combination worked well with two days of wear before chipping but Water, the blue shade, still stained my nails. 

Mckfresh Planeteers collection, Water.
Mckfresh Planeteers Collection, Heart, Fire, Wind, Earth and Water.
Overall, I really enjoyed wearing these polishes because they sparkle beautifully in the sunshine. The varying sizes of micro glitters make for an interesting mix. I think Earth, the green shade, could have had a slightly darker jelly base colour as it looks different next to the other polishes. I’m generally not a red person but I’m hoping to try Heart, the red shade, as a mani by itself, it’s one of the rare reds that I like. The five colours together made for a great pick-me-up mani. Any glitter lover like me will enjoy this collection. 
Alinta McMurdo