Today I want to show you some ways that you can use the Lyme Awareness ribbon decals that are in the giveaway. The ones in the giveaway were donated by the lovely Suzy at NailStatement.

I decided to use Ulta3 nail polish because it’s only $2 a bottle so everyone can afford it. 
Bottle shots in light box

In light box

I did three coats of each polish. Lily White is a good white for $2 but you need to be careful and not go over the same place twice per layer. Lagoon is a lovely shimmer almost metallic polish that needs three coats to be opaque. You need to use a ridge filling base coat as it shows up any flaw in the nail. Brush strokes are prominent in this polish. You can apply a matte topcoat before the shiny top coat to cover that up but it can change the colour of the polish slightly so I didn’t do it. 
In light box

In light box
I applied the medium sized decal to my ring finger. To apply, you cut it out as close to the image as possible. Then put it in warn water for 20 seconds or until the image falls off the white backing. Then slide the decal onto the nail and pat dry. You can then top coat it but I haven’t mastered the skill of top coating without dragging the ink of the decal so I left it without topcoat for these photos. The other nails have Peita’s Polish Quick! Gloss Me Up on them. I hope to get the prize to the winner before the end of May so that they can use their decals this month. 
I sent some of the decals I bought from Suzy to my two lovely friends, Katherine and Tracy. 
Mani by Tracy – @oliviajade19

Tracy (oliviajade19 on Instagram) used OPI Fresh Frog of Bel-Air and Alpine Snow. 
Mani by Katherine – @katherinelb12

Katherine (Katherinelb12 on Instagram) used Ulta3 Tahitian Lime over a white base and nail vinyls with her decals. 
Katherine’s second mani – @katherinelb12

Katherine did glitter placement for her second mani and used the decal applying technique where you put the decal on your nail and use a sponge to take off the backing.They both did amazing amazing manis, check out their Instagram pages to see their other manis. 

Decals in giveaway

My Lyme Awareness giveaway ends this Monday. Please check my Instagram @alintamcmurdo for details.

Note from Suzy. White areas are transparent.

Step #1: Cut out your image using a standard pair of sharp household scissors;
trim leaving enough transparent film to frame the decal. Do not trim to the
edge. Best results are a square. Excess will not show.
Step #2: Place decal in a cup of clean warm water for 45-60
seconds and remove when the thin decal film begins to slip away from backing.
Remove decal with fingers or tweezers.
Step #3: Carefully apply decal to clean polished nail
Step #4: Pat with a sponge/paper towel if there is excess
water or a ripple in the decal. You want it to be very smooth. Be sure they are
totally dry.
Step #5: Adjust the decal to fit the nail where you want it
to be. Allow to thoroughly dry, totally. This is really important.
Step #6: Secure decal area with a couple of short strokes of
top coat to secure the placement of the decal. Now apply top coat such as Out
The Door. Two thin coats.

Alinta McMurdo