Jess from Fox And Owl Polish has been incredibly generous! Check out the huge amount of stuff she’s donated!

The person who wins this giveaway is going to be sooo spoilt. 

She’s donated two of her amazing glitter toppers. I love her glitter toppers, each one has micro holographic glitters in them that look amazing when worn. She’s a Princess on the left and Betty on the right. 

Check out that sparkle! It’s overcast today but they are still sparkling in the light. 

She’s also donated a whole lot of nail art items, including these cute gold butterflies. Butterflies have always signified hope for me, so these are perfect for this giveaway. 

You won’t have plain nails again if you win this giveaway. Jess has also included a cute set of earrings. The giveaway starts this Thursday, May 1st. To enter, you need to repost a Lyme Awareness photo and you can get an extra entry if you do a Lyme Themed mani. It will be a requirement to follow the donors Instagram accounts, so you may as well go do it now so that you’re prepared @foxandowlpolish- +Fox and Owl Polish 

Alinta McMurdo