Today I have two glitter toppers that are a part of the Fox and Owl Polish Valentines release. I love any polish with hearts in it so I had to get these two.

In light box

The first polish I have is Heartless. It is a mix of different sized purple glitter with black hearts and tiny holographic glitter. I have put it over OPI My Vampire is Buff and You’re Such a Budapest. 

In natural light
The best way to apply this is by dabbing it on, and after it dries, coating it with a thick layer of topcoat. I used Glisten and Glow HK girl topcoat. 
In light box
You can see the awesome micro holographic glitters in this macro shot. 

Macro bottle shot in light box – not colour accurate

This bottle macro shot isn’t colour accurate but I wanted to add it in anyway. 
In light box

In light box

In light box

The second polish is Ex Oh Ex Oh, which is a mix of red and black glitters with micro holographic glitters. 
In artificial light
Again, the best way to apply this is by dabbing it over your base coat. I used Sinful Colours Snow Me White. It is a surprisingly good white polish that is opaque in two coats. 
Macro in light box
The black heats work really well in this polish. 

Macro bottle shot in light box

The micro glitters sparkle every time the polish catches the light. They are my favourite thing about Fox and Owl Polish. I have to say I favour the purple because I’m going through a purple phase but they are both lovely. Which one is your favourite?
Alinta McMurdo