It’s dreaming week for AIPAS. I actually came up with this theme idea because I thought it would be nice to see how others interpreted it. It’s a bit ironic though because I’ve not slept this week as I have a chest infection. I rarely have good dreams so I wanted to find a polish that remind me of the rare few I do have.

In light box

In sunshine

Macro bottle shot in light box

So, I decided to use Emily de Molly Sakura. It’s a pretty white crelly with black and pink glitters. The index and middle finger are four thin coats and the ring and pinky are three thick coats. Next time I think I would use an opaque white first and then put this on so that I could use less layers. I like the thicker coat look as the glitters aren’t so dominant that way. Does this remind you of dreaming? Which polish would you pick?

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Alinta McMurdo