I’m too sick to go to a dawn service so I tried to do nails for ANZAC Day. I chose to do poppies because they represent ANZAC Day – they were one of the first flowers to grow on the battle fields when the war ended. I wanted to do camo nails and even got my brother to send me a photo of his camos to copy but I have none of the colours. So here is my attempt. It’s my first free hand nail art so please be kind. 

I used a nail striper and dotting tool to do this. The base is a custom white holo that Jacinta from Powder Perfect made me. It sparkles beautifully in the sunshine. Hopefully my nail art skills will be better next year so I can do the day justice. I’ll leave you with a photo of me, my mum and my lil bro in his uniform. 

Alinta McMurdo