This week has been a horrible nail week. I sliced my right middle finger on a can and it looks like it will scar and I have a dog tooth mark on my right ring finger cuticle. Plus I have had a succession of manis that I haven’t liked. I promised I would show the good and bad so here is today’s nail fail. I tried to do it yesterday too but I got so frustrated that I took of off before I finished.

I used Prettypots Polish Happy Ever After  which is a part of the Sweethearts duo. I love that the glitter topper has hearts but I didn’t get far enough to put them on. The boxes Jalene used are just so cute. 
This is four layers of Happy Ever After. I find it really hard not to go over the same spot twice because of my shakes. So the first three layers had bald spots and looked uneven. For the fourth layer, I dabbed on the polish to the areas that weren’t as thick or opaque. This meant that the layer was too thick to dry and so I dented all the fingers after the photo. So you can see my bad cuticles on this as I didn’t have a chance to oil them.  
I really love the colour and I think the duo set would look great together but it just didn’t work for me. I will put the glitter topper over another colour sometime soon to show you that one too. Have you had any luck with this polish? Do you have any tips for me for next time?
Alinta McMurdo