I love my glitter polishes more than any other polish but the removal is always hard. Even even I use pure acetone, the removal process is tedious. Some people like to use the foil technique where they soak a cotton pad with remover, put it on the nail and then wrap the nail in foil for 10 minutes. This process dries out my cuticles so I’m not a big fan of it.

Recently, Cherry Poppin Nails released a new product called “peel it off”. It’s a base coat designed to be used under glitter polish. It is similar to the PVA glue technique but takes away all the fuss. 

It comes in a small 8ml bottle for now but they may stock it in bigger bottles soon. You paint it on like you would a normal thick polish. 
When first painted, the product is murky white but once dry, it is clear. When it is dry, you can go about painting your nails like you normally would. The big difference that this product makes is in the removal process. To remove your polish, you can use an orange stick or your finger to lift up a corner of the polish and then pull it away from the nail. The polish will come off in one piece, leaving small bits of clear product on the nail that are easily taken off with remover. 

When the polish is on, your manicure will look the same as of any other base coat was used. I have used it under a few different manicures, my Alanna Renee  polishes just being one of them. 

This is the only peel off base coat I have used so I can’t compare it to anything else. For me, it lasted two days before the tips began to lift and three days for my mum until her polish popped off her nails. I change my polish regularly so lasting only two days doesn’t matter too much for me, but my mum needs her manicure to last her the working week so the product doesn’t work for her. 
I love that I don’t have to go through the long glitter removal process because I love my sparkles! Your lifestyle will determine if this product will work for you. I hope this review has helped. Leave a comment if you know of any other good peel off base costs. 
Alinta McMurdo